1. Preparation H

  2. Everyone Hates Us
    Tongues of Fire

  3. Godless America Mixtape Vol. 5
    Various Artists

  4. Sticky Sitch
    Bubble Boys

  5. Demosaurus (Special Edition)
    Bubble Boys

  6. Have One Of Our Nice Yellow Boxes
    The Plodes

  7. Take The Bait
    Sad Fish

  8. "Dwell" b/w "Black Balloons"
    Tele & The Ghost of Our Lord

  9. Godless America Mixtape Vol. 4
    Various Artists

  10. Dysfunctional Dingus
    Saucy Yoda

  11. Extended Play
    Radicalized Youth

  12. Godless America Mixtape Vol. 3
    Various Artists

  13. Never 2 Cool 2 Dance
    Sad Fish

  14. EV
    Evil Virgins

  15. Bite Me
    Sad Jeremy

  16. Godless America Mixtape Vol. 2
    Various Artists

  17. Indoctrination Starter Pack
    Radicalized Youth

  18. Tam Tam / Chicken & Whiskey Tour Split Tape
    Chicken & Whiskey / Tam Tam The Sandwich Man & The Magical Sugar Cookies

  19. European Lathe Cut
    Room Full of Strangers

  20. Godless America Mixtape Vol. 1
    Various Artists

  21. Bad Vacation
    Room Full of Strangers

  22. Daily Whatever
    Wet Nurse

  23. Morbid Fixations
    Manic & The Depressives

  24. Songs in the Key of I

  25. Collide~A~Scope
    Timothy Eerie

  26. Guest Bath b/w We Know (what you're looking for) (Godless Singles Series #5)
    Room Full of Strangers

  27. Patience - A51 b/w Tumbling Lips (Godless Singles Series #4)
    Alias Punch

  28. Wrecking Ball b/w Misery (Godless Singles Series #3)
    Pasty Cline

  29. Melatonin b/w Grandma (Godless Singles Series #2)
    Saucy Yoda

  30. Never Leave b/w Gift of Me (Godless Singles Series #1)
    Fast Preacher

  31. This Space is Our Place

  32. On Blast
    Nuka Waves

  33. The Hi-Life / The Areolas

  34. Shaving
    Me Chinese

  35. The Single
    Me Chinese

  36. Dinner at Wally's Cassingle

  37. Pizza Slut Cassingle
    Tam Tam The Sandwich Man & The Magical Sugar Cookies

  38. Don't Care/ Don't Think Cassingle
    Mythological Horses

  39. Academia
    Nazi Drugs

  40. Wet Nurse EP
    Wet Nurse

  41. ButterQueen

  42. Bra Power
    Tit Sweat

  43. Girl Tape
    Girls on the Beach

  44. The First Supper
    Tam Tam The Sandwich Man & The Magical Sugar Cookies

  45. Marauder

  46. On Tour
    Tight Genes

  47. Terrible Things Always Happen
    Various Artists


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