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"This tape came out way back in 2009 its been a couple years since Tyler Owen Nicolas passed but it will always be a tragedy to me. But for the longest time what was even more tragic is that I had lost the masters to this tape. I still had a copy so I used the new Godless America USB Cassette Player to rip it for you guys. Plus I have been getting requests from people that wanted to have the songs digitally so download and enjoy. I just want more people to hear this mans music because it always touched me. Miss you still Owen."
~Jordan Duttinger

"I don't know what words I could use that would really describe the majestic and immense talent of Lagues. 2009 was the best of times. Owen and Denise were riding the crest of their musical experience together. We all got the chance to ride with them when they released 'Marauder'. These four songs will always have a place in my heart. The soulful voice of Owen now haunts me whenever I hear it cracking with emotion. At times it even feels like he is only a phone call away. It used to be that the only time I got to hear these tracks was when I was washing the dishes, because my only tape player is in my living room (I have a small place). Now, however, I can finally listen in the car or wherever I want, for that matter. Finally, 'Marauder' has been digitized so anyone can experience and enjoy it's superb songwriting. I miss you Owen, thanks for the good times."
~Todd Gerding

"I can remember driving around in my ’89 Honda Accord station wagon with the busted stereo. A tape had gotten stuck in the player and shorted everything out. So the only way I could listen to music was through an old portable tape deck that I wedged in the passenger side dash. I only had one tape to listen to and that was Lagues’ “Marauder”. Just 4 songs, recorded on to a 60 minute tape, that for some reason I never got tired of, never turned off. Every time it ended, it was just time to rewind again and listen. Early morning half-asleep commutes, late night drunken whirls, just a run to Taco Bell. That tape would just keep on playing. Finally now we have a digitized version of this, so everyone can listen to it, and have the same great times I had. Owen and Denise are both fantastic people, and when they came together, everything seemed to click. I may not think about Owen everyday, but when I do, I just think about all the great times he’s given me with the music him and Denise made."
~Kasey Donovan


released January 1, 2009

Guitar,Vocals,Percussion - Tyler Owen Nicolas
Organ,Bass,Vocals - Denise Moberley



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