by ButterQueen

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Recorded at Ill House in 2013


released October 29, 2013

mixed, mastered and engineered by Alex Goldman

Phil Longo Guitar/Vocals
Susana Chaplin Bass/Vocals
Jordan Duttinger Drums


all rights reserved



Godless America Records Orlando, Florida

Making and Slinging Tapes since 2008
1615 Garvin St.
Orlando,FL 32803

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Track Name: What Are Friends For
i went to the show,because i had nowhere to go
thats where i saw you, and you were looking sad
and i had to..had to ask you.
whats the matter baby? whats wrong with you?
HEY! wake up, snap out of it wont you?

hang with me at uncle lous, he wants me to tell you
to stay and have a drink on me
cause i know your not feelin it.(thats no bullshit)
whats the matter baby? whats wrong with you?
HEY! wake up, snap out of it
wont you level with me? come on level with me?

OK! someone took my bicycle and i dont know why
someone stole my bicycle and i want to cry
i want to die, i want to cry.

you can wash your tears away if thats all it is
you can stop your crying now if thats all it is
dont you worryx3

why should i?
because you can borrow mine!

what are friends for? and what do you got?
Track Name: Old Butter Dick
i am 41 will you take care of me?
my bodies getting old and i can hardly see
its not that i dont want to work
i just my back hurts
im not trying to be a jerk babe
its just im too old to work.

taking care of the old man is no fun for me
he is cranky,crabby, lazy and he smells funny
its not thats hes down on his luck, but when will
he ever shut up? he never shuts the door to pee
and thats just way to gross for me.

i went looking for a job just yesterday
but they said we arnt hiring,"dude yr much too gray"
and i know iv got ugly feet and there's that worldly
warcraft game to beat! im not tryin to make you
crazy, im just too old and lazy.

taking care of the old man is no fun for me
he just lays around all day and never has money
its not that hes drunk all the time
sometimes he's very sweet to me
but its no longer fun for me..


ahh baby are you like totally mad at me?
(you dont do shit around here dude!)
you know about my condition.
(what yr condition for being lazy?!)

let me break it down for you..
like im too thin to twerk, im too old to work

i promise to get a job and earn my share
i will do all the dishes i just dont care
i'll take those dancing lessons and brush my hair
i promise to get a job and earn my share...
i dont care.
Track Name: Cover Up
im out of luck, i went to rise above
to get a cover up tat im the joke of town
i got a reputation and its gettin around
and i cant live it down, cant live it down
i gotta gotta gotta
bad tattoo but im not blaming you.

what the fuck?! spellcheck could have helped
you a ton and that portrait of your pets ink
is starting to run and now it looks like mud
and by the way jack no these aint dicks
its just some pretty sweet ink that i aint
tryin to fix( but dude they look like dicks)
they're cookie spaceships...

gotta bad tattoo and im blaming you
gotta bad tattoo and im blaming you
we all make mistakes in our life, i know i did
here's mine..get a cover up.

you may have a caution stamp on yr back
or a crab mowing the grass bush high in the
front..get a cover up


politics, pontifs touching little boys and padding
there pockets you know its so fucked up
that they can cover up.

that fireman taz thats holding a hose
that looks like a flacid dick
you should cover up

ponzi schemes, world domination wet dreams
you can really make the scene if you just
cover up, you can cover up,you should cover up

just think about it..
Track Name: U.F.Pho88
the ufo has taken you, i never liked you much
now i envy you cause you are so high
high in the sky. riding in the spaceship fast
and in flight. no one can convince me its wrong.
watching the sky, hating my life
we were ugly in earthlight you know it but
like a beautiful constellation of stars
we will shine bright. nose thumbing the
scalp of the world filled with little lice.
and no one can convince me to stay

iv made up my mind!

no one can convince me to stay
its finally my time!
on ship i know it goes
boop, boop. booop. bip bip boop bip boop bib boop.

whats this i see? they're coming back for me
i recognize the patterns of light, perfect form
as they did in the sky on a Phoenix night
counting down the hours to leave this shit behind
and no one can convince me to stay its finally
my ti............................................
Track Name: Butter Run
we want pancakes, we want pie
we crave sweets we dont know why

wait whats this? somethings a miss
we must replace we're getting pissed
we need our fun ,we've got to run
hurry now we need to make a

brownies, cookies fill my mind
butter makes them stick and bind

wait theres one thing we cant forget
to add to this and we'll be set
sprinkle into butter sweet.
tweeks yr mind and tingles feet

we need to meet some girls, some guys
butter faces, breath like fries

perfect height and perfect weight
cruise the strip we wont be late
bodies so tight, faces of fright
we dont care turn off the light.


quick lets run! quick lets run! quick lets run!
Track Name: P.B.S.
you've closed the door, you've done this before
seeking wisdom, seeking light what is it all for?
your on the floor you lay down yr head
apprehensive, no intrest to get out of bed
artificial remedies is what you use to treat that
feeling of defeat
what can this be? what do believe?
greater beings in the sky, ancient philosophy

it is everywhere, in the dirt the leaves the trees
and in the air so take a breath and sing sweet melodies
there is so much more then what you see.

open your eyes, the windows to your mind
what is it that you preceive to be reality?
look beyond your sight what do you see?
inner realm of darkness complex relativity
does the weight of gravity sink beneath your feet
and bring you to yr knees?

where to go now? i dont know how to handle such
a level of cosmic intensity

when your feeling scared, you'll find comfort there
a universe exists within your self
created concepts of heaven and hell

it may seem impossible but the truth is we dont know
what you see is to believe to simplify infinity.
coriander in the trees in the trees strip them of their seeds

find what feels right in your heart
when and only then will you begin to start
to make sense of why we're all here
this could end tomorrow or the end
is never near..
Track Name: Hit Song For Rivers To Sing
learning to write a song is like learning to song along
and i know now what i need to do..
gotta take a fish hook and tie the wire real tight
set the bait just right and then you reel them in
oh theyll love you til the end.

you gotta get the story out, tell em bout yr worst night
spin the words just right then you reel em in
oh theyll listen to the end.

CHORUS:will you love me to the end?
i promise to be your friend when the records
and radio play. who's gonna write the songs
that we sing?

learning to sing in key is like pulling teeth for me
but i know just what i gotta do
take a fishhook and bring the matter to light
some stupid 1st c plight
then you reel em in oh they'll listen til the end.


you gotta take a fishhook and tie the wire real tight
set the bait just right then you reel em in oh they'll love
you til the end.
Track Name: Speaking Of
jordan is the man and he goes to cvs
but no there will help him cause the way
that he is dressed.
but jordan is the man and he's in another band
the name of the band is tam tam the sandwich man

speaking of tam tam their bassest is so good
he writes these haiku poems that you know
you wish you could. but todd is the man and
he wears colorful shirts, he tells amazing stories
and he makes my belly hurt.

speaking of belly hurts iv had too much to drink
i havnt slept all night i know my breath it really stinks
well i work at a bar, it gets me just so far
i know im really not that hot but pour a
mean whisky shot.

speaking of whisky shots nina chaplin likes to tumble
and she shreds the lead guitar, shes punch out any
bouncer that'll cross her at the bar.
but ninas not a man but she plays better then most
can shes in tit sweat, tam tam but the main one rhymes
with purse. in fact they're called wet nurse.
and they go..ooh ah ooh ooh ooooh ahh ooha ooha oooh

speaking of wet nurse sister susie plays with me
her loves to attack her and she sings so prettily
well susies in the band and she lends a helping hand
cause i when i suck at singing i know susie can.
and she can!

the name of the band is..BUTTERQUEEN!!

butter up!
Track Name: (Bummer)Summer Ride
we went to the party and we got loaded
we met at the party and we got loaded

we left the party because we were nervous
the party wasnt that great so we got loaded

will you drive me home?
can you drive me home?

we left together cause we were lonely
we walked together cause we were lonely

will you walk me home?
i dont want to be alone.

(we turned, as we parted ways at our doorstep under the moon)
and we said goodnight....xoxo

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